CATA 2020 (California Athletic Trainers’ Association)

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The CATA’s Annual Symposium and Hit the Hill for 2020 is scheduled for February 22nd-24th, 2020. Hydrostasis will be speaking at this event about our hydration monitoring solution for college athletes.

UC San Diego IGE Fall Showcase

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Hydrostasis will be featured at the UC San Diego Institute for Global Entrepreneurship event on Nov 1/19. We will showcase our personal hydration monitoring solution. Drop by our table to see us.

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The science of hydration in sports performance

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Thirst does not stimulate until water loss reaches 1-2% body mass[1] Mild dehydration (1-2.5% body mass loss) reduces cognitive function [2-4] reduces endurance & high-intensity exercise performance [4,5] Increases physiological strain (ie. increase heart rate, core body temperature) [6]cellular effects: metabolism, hormone release, cell death [7] Rare instances (1 in 1,000) athletes consume too much fluid, hyponatremia (low cellular sodium …